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This is a private group. This group is NOT for Sugar members under 18 years of age, and it is NOT for grown women that act 12 years old. Café Kama Sutra is for mature adult women that need advice, want to give advice, or just want a few professional facts, that I will post, that will help them in their relationship/marriage. Obviously this group will have mature sexual content.

If at ANY time I personally feel that you’re being immature, rude, or using foul language against another member that may make them feel more insecure about their situation, you will not only be dismissed from our private group, but you will also be reported to Community Manager so that your behavior can be duly noted, for future reports and possibly a dismissal from the website.

In Café Kama Sutra I will…..

1. Give easy quizzes that will enlighten you to sexual facts that you need to know.

2. Offer tips on how to better your sex life, how to handle your sexuality better, or how to gain a better spouse or improve the one that you have.

3. I will ask you a question about relationships that will cause you to reveal your personal thoughts about the subject or tell a personal story that may help another member in the group that needs your help.

If at anytime you want to email me to suggest a topic in private, then please do so. It will be kept confidential.



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