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How to Make Sex Oil !

Posted By PinkNC on Nov 7, 2009 at 9:44AM

By G. Diamond

Many people like extra lubrication during sex and normally reach out for the Vaseline, baby oil, and even cooking oil. However, though it is highly pleasurable, using such lubricants is not safe since they interfere with the latex in condoms and could cause unwanted pregnancies and even allow the spread of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

What is the alternative? Do not worry. There are many ways to make your own sex oil, which you could use anytime you want, happy in the knowledge that it is completely safe.


Things You'll Need:

A. One teaspoon of sodium alginate / 4 teaspoons of corn starch
B. Once medium size (200 ml) cup of water – one for each of the homemade oils
C. A non-metallic pan; if you do it simultaneously, you need two
D. Wooden spoons to mix
E. A little time to wait until it is done
F. Refrigerator to store the excess amount

1. Step 1

Get mixing. These are the ingredients for two separate types of homemade oils or lubricants that work exceptionally well. For the first one, mix the one teaspoon sodium alginate and water in the non-metallic pan and heat it slowly. For the second, mix the cornstarch with one cup of water in a non-metallic dish and heat it slowly.

2. Step 2

Stir continuously until you get a jelly type mix. For the first type mix, you need to be patient as this takes a long time to get the correct consistency of gelatin.

3. Step 3

Remove it from the fire, once it's the right consistency, and allow to cool at room temperature. Take the mix and put it into jars. If there is anything left, it can be easily refrigerated for later use.

4. Step 4

Use either of these mixtures whenever you need an additional lubricant during sex without worrying whether this will interfere with the latex of the condom. This is perfectly safe for the body and even for eating .

5. Step 5

Do not use the mixtures for longer than three months, even if it is refrigerated. Make fresh batches and use within one to two months.

Tips & Warnings

• In case you need something fast, and you have nothing to help you immediately (no homemade stuff available), some excellent substitutes would be aloe Vera ointment.

• Half a spoon of progesterone cream applied into the vagina on a daily basis will eliminate the requirement of lubricant.

• Take a vitamin E capsule, break it open, and remove the oil inside onto the tip of your fingers; gently insert this oil into the vagina. This is an excellent substitute for regular lubricants.

• When you use glycerin based lubricants, you invite yeast infection. Avoid at all costs such lubricants because once you get a yeast infection, it would take ages to get rid of it.

• Any cooking oils along with pathogens that can cause painful infection.

• Many use ginger juice, which is also known as an aphrodisiac; however, this is not a lubricant but a sexual feeling enhancer.